Belated Earth Day Love Letter

This is your day, sweet Earth, dear planet swimming gently and powerfully through the sky. My dear ancestor, my cradle, my mother, my home. Today, truly, all I want is to look into your eyes and understand — you, myself, the cosmos. All I want is to stand in the wonder, arms outstretched, open to every possibility, every loss, every dream, every gift you bring to me. To move intuitively into the healing path, to make a difference with this one small life.

All I want is to hear the call of my life and answer it joyfully and willingly. All I want is to weave something so beautiful it makes you cry and hold me and welcome me into your embrace at last. I do love you and long for you and celebrate you — you are absolutely magnificent, absolutely just, so kind, so relentless, and so fierce.

I want to take your whole, wild self into my being, afraid it would kill me, but hoping it would entirely illumine my soul. All anyone can really want in this life is to discover you in such a powerful and intimate way. You are my great secret love.

And my dear, sweet love, what is it that you want?

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