Monthly Archives: May 2015

Earth Practice: Re-Integrating

This is a perfect 5-minute practice for a break at work, for awakening to the beginning of your day or your weekend or as a precursor to meditation. Sit or stand comfortably outdoors where non-human elements are present: a park, backyard, garden, courtyard, or undeveloped space. It does not have to be a wilderness area, […]

Release of the Peace Lily

Today, planting a peace lily turned into an unexpected ritual of forgiveness and blessing. Several years ago, my husband took a small peace lily to work, planted in a professional-looking gray plastic pot. He enjoyed and nurtured the plant to the point of flourishing and then, over time, collapse. It was severely root bound, many leaves […]

Belated Earth Day Love Letter

This is your day, sweet Earth, dear planet swimming gently and powerfully through the sky. My dear ancestor, my cradle, my mother, my home. Today, truly, all I want is to look into your eyes and understand — you, myself, the cosmos. All I want is to stand in the wonder, arms outstretched, open to […]