Welcome to my blog! It contains an eclectic compilation of my thoughts on a wide range of topics I hope you will enjoy!

My blog is a meditation, a poem. It is not a treatise, a scholarly effort, or an argument. It is my poetry, my meditation, and I hope an encouragement to others to engage in their own meditative meaning-making and to finding their connection with an immense luminosity of their own.

I’m a middle-aged, married woman living on the Central Coast of California. I’ve had a lot of losses and a lot of joy in my life, and maybe my thoughts can uplift someone else who is on the journey as well.

Ideas and people that tell you something about me: cosmos, universalism, forgiveness, gratitude, sacred, Brian Swimme, Creation Spirituality, Richard Rohr, Michael Dowd, Byron Katie, ex-fundamentalist, fundamentalism, progressive Christianity, mindfulness, agnosticism, Jesus, Buddha, Buddhism, Catholicism, mysticism, mystic, poetry, sacred arts, liturgy, recovery, healing, feminine divine, trauma, peace and justice, social justice, social teachings, simplicity, solidarity with the poor, democratic socialism, Leonard Cohen, Beth Nielsen Chapman, cosmology, Thomas Berry, geography, sociology, social work, environmentalism, ecology, ecopsychology, deep ecology, Mary Oliver, naturopathy, osteopathy, food justice, homelessness, racism, diversity, unitive consciousness, Alfred N. Whitehead, Matthew Fox, anthropology, evolution, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, monasticism, contemplative prayer, Cynthia Bourgeault, Wendell Berry.


Karyn Wolfe
Marina Dunes
Salinas River Watershed, California
North America, Planet Earth
Earth-Moon System
Sol’s  Planetary System
Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group
Virgo Supercluster
Observable Universe



  1. A great blogging list! May you journey well…


  2. Melissa · · Reply

    I love the very complete (at this moment in space/time) address!

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