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Presence in the Wild

How to love and defend the earth? I recently spent two weeks exploring my connection with wilderness in Kings Canyon National Park in the Sierra mountains. My companions? Thomas Berry and The Great Work, natural history guide books, land/earth, air/wind, water/river/creek, and a multitude of beings who¬†surrounded me with their integrity, purpose, and presence. Before […]

Mystic Dance of Mortality

My journey away from theism hasn’t entirely landed in the atheism camp; as I said in my last post, I seem to live in the borderlands between religion and atheism, with connections to both. But what brings me to this vast wilderness out of the comfy Christianity I used to know? Mortality. Here’s the old […]

The Examen

As part of a Sacred Journey class I am taking at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, I am doing a daily Examen practice modeled after the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. There are many versions floating around. Here is the one I use from my class: 1. Presence – Begin by recognizing the […]

Emptiness or Emergence?

I’m so ambivalent about the idea of kenosis or emptiness as it is taught throughout history in Christianity. As part of a class on contemplative spirituality, I have been reading about the emptying of the self so that God can fill our center. This idea seems to be rooted in the problematic self and original […]